How to Become a Doctor in Canada 2021 | Complete guide

How to Become a Doctor in Canada, How to be a Doctor in Canada
Hey! Are you interested in high paying and one of the most respectful career? Then readout this article to know about how to become a Doctor in Canada, as there are plenty of opportunities in Canada for Qualified Doctor’s.
Being a Doctor (Physician) requires, patience and a desire to learn, they spend a lot of money on their training, because we know that this profession deals with significant challenges, provide treatments and even saving lives.
It is a very stressful job because their role is you know very critical and many people rely on their experience and skill, but it is also very rewarding, you will be shocked to know that, a Canadian Physician earn more than $200,000 per year on average.
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How to Become a Doctor in Canada?

Becoming a doctor is a complex and a length process, but the information below will help you understand easily about how to be a doctor in Canada.

Work Hard in High School

If you really want to become a medical Doctor, Study hard from the high school, stay focus on biological science and math’s, get good grades and standardized test scores.
Keep in mind that it’s a very competitive field, don’t take it easy. Stay off social media. Use your time to learn science and math as these subjects are the key to get into medical school.

Earn a Bachelor Degree from the great College

The next step is to earn a Bachelor’s degree before you can enter medical school, because Medical school requires to earn bachelor’s degrees from accredited colleges and universities. College classes are tougher than high school classes, because it is where you actually start focusing your studies and preparing for a career.
Medical schools prefers that your degree have a basis in science with a basic concepts of biology and chemistry. Some medical school's in Canada requires particular prerequisite courses while some do not ask for specific prerequisite courses, so it’s better to get all the information from seniors about requirements and prerequisite of medical school at the time of choosing courses in university/college.
Keep in mind that your grades should be your #1 priority, because as we mention above it’s a very competitive field, so you must need to keep your grades up. Another advice for college students from is to develop relationships with your professors by actively participating in class and going to their office hours.

Take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

After you complete you bachelor degree from the university, the next step is to take MCAT. Some Canadian medical schools use Medical College Admission Test scores for admission.
The MCAT Medical College Admission Test exam is offered at several Centre’s in Canada from the end of January to early September. An individual can take the exam a maximum of three times a year. Students are recommended to register for MCAT exam at least 60 days prior to their preferred exam date.
Not all schools require the Medical College Admission Test MCAT. In addition, some medical schools request to receive personal interviews from applicants as well, so you are advised to check the admission policy first of the medical school you selected.
How much does it cost to take the MCAT in Canada?
How much does it cost to take the MCAT in Canada?, MCAT cost, MCAT Fee

Medical School

If you score well in MCAT, you will be accepted in medical school. Medical school is a final path to becoming a physician. There are 17 medical schools in Canada according to Wikipedia. It’s good to Research medical schools across Canada, choose the best one for you.
You'll spend four years in medical school. The first two years will be in a classroom and lab environment, while in last two years students will work directly with patients under the supervision of qualified and licensed doctors.
How much does 4 years of medical school cost in Canada?

cost of medical school in Canada, How much does 4 years of medical school cost in Canada?

Pass Your Licensing Exam

After you complete your 4 year medical school training education, the last step is to pass your Licensing Exam which is conducted by the Medical Council of Canada, before you can work as a physician in Canada. Exam, known as the MCCEE, is one of the toughest exam student ever take.

Complete Your Residency

After you pass the MCCEE exam successfully, in Canada you are required to complete a residency program as well. Where licensed doctors to learn more from experienced professionals. It can be from 2 to 6 years depending on the field and the complexity of skills required in that specialty. 

How long does it take to become a doctor in Canada?

Well, to really become a doctor takes your whole life. It takes years of study and research. Student graduate from high school at age 18, graduate from college at the of age 22, then go to medical school for 4 years and at last complete licensing and residency, so it would be an experienced doctor at age of 28-32.
The final step is securing a job. There is high demand for qualified doctors in Canada, because Canada has a shortage of physicians, especially in more rural and remote areas of Canada. Medical doctors then usually work in clinics, hospitals and in research, private companies as well.
That’s all from about how to become a doctor in Canada? If you have interest to study medicine, work hard and must focus on your grades, you will be one of Canada’s next physicians.  

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