10 Cheapest Places to Live in Canada 2021 | Under $1000

Cheapest Places to Live in Canada, Cheapest Place to Live in Canada 2021

We knew that you are in search of cheapest place to live in Canada, that’s why we thought it's necessary to found these places for you. There are plenty of hidden and cheapest places where you can live happily.
In Canada the most expensive cities are the larger cities, if you want to find a cheapest place to retire in Canada then you should look towards smaller cities, especially in Quebec and Ontario. Given Below the detail of some affordable places for you.
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Cheapest Places to Live in Canada

Rimouski, Quebec

Average Rent (1-2 Bed Rooms) = 500$-700$

Appartment for rent in Rimouski, Quebec, Cheapest Place to Live in Canada

Rimouski is a city in Quebec, Canada, located in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, at the mouth of the Rimouski River with the population of 48,664 (as of 2016).
Rimouski, Quebec is a French speaking city. So, if you don’t speak French, you will struggle. English speakers might struggle in smaller cities in Quebec, because a lot of people might not speak English.
A seaside city considered as a home of many tourist, offering both urban vitality and closeness to nature, Rimouski promises you a stay that will meet all your expectations, whether you’re a culture or history lover.

Bécancour, Quebec

Average Rent (1-3 Bed Rooms) = 550$-800$

warmest and cheapest place to live in Canada, Appartment for rent in Bécancour, Quebec

Bécancour is a city in the Centre-du-Québec region of Québec, Canada. The Population of Bécancour is about 12500.
The city is very much an industrial city where producers of petroleum products and industrial parts have their plants. Bécancour is a best city in terms of its economy, social life and environment. Dynamic and attractive Bécancour is served by major highway and rail transportation networks. There are many mills and a covered bridge of historical interest.

Saint-Georges, Quebec

Average Rent (1-2 Bed Rooms) = 600$-700$

cheapest place to live in Canada for students, appartment for rent in Saint-Georges, Quebec

Saint-Georges is a city in the province of Quebec. The population was 31,173 as of the Canada 2011 Census. Saint-Georges is often considered the Metropolis of Beauce Region because of the largest city in the region.
In Saint-Georges, the cost of living is extremely affordable, traffic is unheard of, and most important of all, and you’ll meet lots of people who are extremely friendly and welcoming. One of the most important advantages Saint-Georges has to offer is the exceptional quality of life that is to be found within the city and the surrounding region.
There are nearly 2,000 businesses located in Saint-Georges and the surrounding region, of which nearly 250 are involved in manufacturing. If you’re looking for a combination of good job opportunities and an exceptional quality of life, Saint-Georges will be the best and cheapest place to rent in Canada.

Sept-Îles, Quebec

Average Rent (1-2 Bed Rooms) = 600$-750$

cheapest place to rent in Canada, Appartment for rent in Sept-Îles, Quebec

Sept-Îles is a city in the North Shore of Quebec, Canada with the population of 25,686 according to the 2011 census. Sept-Îles will charm you with its amazing nature, culture and industrial heritage.
The economy is largely based on iron and aluminum because the city relies heavily on the iron industry, and well known for having major iron companies. Sept-Îles also has many jobs in the services sector. The vast majority of the city’s inhabitants are French speaking.

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Average Rent (1-3 Bed Rooms) = 600$-800$

cheapest place to retire in Canada, Appartment for rent in Sherbrooke, Quebec

Sherbrooke is a city of just over 150,000 residents in Quebec, Canada. Sherbrooke is the 6th largest city in Quebec. Being the economic, cultural and institutional centre of the region, Sherbrooke was nicknamed the ‘Queen of the Eastern Townships’.
Sherbrooke is also an imperative city for higher education and have eight institutions with around 40,000 students. Sherbrooke is a prime location to find very affordable housing. Other than the cheap rent prices, general needs also cost less than what it would be in other Canadian cities.
You can find whatever you need in the middle of Sherbrooke. Restaurants, Cinemas, Small shops, schools etc. May be Sherbrooke will be your cheapest place to live in Canada. 

Moncton, New Brunswick

Average Rent (1-2 Bed Rooms) = 700$-850$

cheapest place to live in Canada 2021, Appartment for rent in Moncton, New Brunswick

Moncton is one of three major urban centres in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, it has a population of just over 140,000. Each year, 2,000 newcomers move to Moncton, 1000 of whom come from outside Canada.
Canadian Business magazine editors have classified the city as the best place in Canada to do business. There are more than 400 companies in the finance sector.
With three universities and two satellite campuses, five colleges and several English and French primary and secondary schools, you could say that education is central in Moncton. The great benefit is that the housing market has been listed as the cheapest and most affordable in Canada.

Saint John, New Brunswick

Average Rent (1-2 Bed Rooms) = 800$-900$

cheapest place to buy a in Canada, Appartment for rent in Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John is a seaport city located on the craggy coast of the Bay of Fundy in the province of New Brunswick, Canada with a growing population of 126,202 (as of 2016). A friendly community of helpful and welcoming people, and amazingly affordable cost of living compared to a different places in the country.
Amazingly it’s possible to live a car free life in Saint John. You can live, work and only use the occasional cab or bus for shopping at the mall, etc. There are lots of cool outdoor places to explore and if you’re active in the outdoors you’ll love it in Saint John.

Timmins, Ontario

Average Rent (1-2 Bed Rooms) = 750$-1000$

cheapest city to live a in Canada, Appartment for rent in Timmins, Ontario

Timmins is a city in northeastern Ontario, Canada, on the Mattagami River and the fourth largest city in the Northeastern Ontario region with a population of 41,788. Timmins offers a culturally atmosphere. With a variety of traditional restaurants, museums, and cultural organizations.
Housing costs, rental costs, and overall living expenses are lower in Timmins as compared to other places found throughout the province of Ontario. The best thing is Timmins provides an exceptional shopping experience as well. Why not to select Timmins as the cheapest place to rent in Canada?

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Average Rent (1 Bed Room) = 800$-1000$

10 cheapest place to live in Canada 2021, Appartment for rent in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay is a city in Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada with a population of 107,909 as of the Canada 2016 Census. It offers a relaxing, natural atmosphere with lively urban space. Thunder Bay is well-rounded small city, with good services, decent opportunities for entertainment.
Thunder Bay is home to Christian Churches of all denominations, as well as Hindu, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist and Muslim, among many others.
Thunder Bay offer a wide range of housing options from luxurious homes to affordable homes. Housing is relatively inexpensive as compared to big cities like Toronto and Vancouver; other costs of living are slightly higher, because of the distance over which goods must be brought.

Cornwall, Ontario

Average Rent (1-2 Bed Rooms) = 900$-1000$

places to live in Canada 2021, Appartment for Rent in Cornwall, Ontario

Cornwall is a city in Eastern Ontario, Canada, has a population of 46,340 people in an area of 753.2/km2. It's a reasonable place to live in Ontario, and an awesome place for a family.
Cornwall offers some fine family owned shops and restaurants. Children will get a quality education in schools located in or around neighborhood, with options for instruction in English and French.
There are plenty of beautiful, spacious homes to be found at remarkably attractive prices, and provide impressive value as compared to other cities.

The places mentioned above are the best and affordable places. We recommend you to choose the cheapest place to live in Canada which meet all of your requirements.

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