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Best Law Schools in Canada 2021, The Best law school in Canada
Thinking about law education in Canada? If so, you likely have many questions. Like, which law school is best for you in Canada? Their requirements and fee structure etc. This article is all about best Law Schools in Canada, as Canada is one of the best and modern country to study and practice law around the world.
There are 20+ law schools in Canada, which offers a professional law degree. Canada offer a wide range of specialties for their students. As field of law promises to a successful career that’s why there is a great competition to get admission in top law schools in Canada.

Top 5 Best Law Schools in Canada 2021

We know that it is important for you to attend a law school that will provide you the best education and gives you a better chance of being employed. So, based on Students feedback and in our research, check some of the leading law schools below.

University of Toronto

University of Toronto , Best Law Schools in Canada / Best Law Schools in Canada 2021 | Benefits | Student Life

Tuition Fee: $34,634.86 (Check: Complete Fee Structure
Median LSAT: 166 (93rd percentile)
Median GPA: 3.83/4.0
Benefits: U of T offers many scholarships based on merit and financial need. University also offers awards on the basis of academic merit. (Check: University of Toronto Scholarships
University is ranked #1 among the best universities in Canada, and ranked #18 in World best university. That’s why it is the most selective Law School in the country. University of Toronto Faculty of Law offers best opportunities for the study of law, and may provide quality of education in Canada for law. Programs offers at University inspire students to think deeply about the law, provide them with competitive opportunities that only a top ranked school in Canada can offer.
Students at the University of Toronto have a fairly high quality of life, as the facilities are excellent and have world class Faculty Members. If you wish to practice law in Canada, it will an outstanding choice for your education.

McGill University

McGill University , The Best Law Schools in Canada

Tuition Fee: $9,464.16 (Check: Complete Fee Structure
Median LSAT: 162
Median GPA: 3.88/4.0
Benefits: Tuition Fee of McGill is low in comparison to other schools of similar caliber around the world. Located in the heart of Montreal. Scholarships are also available for deserving students, you can apply for famous Entrance Bursary and many other programs to finance your education. (Check: McGill University Scholarships)
Oldest law school in Canada, McGill is one of Canada's most recognized institutions, because of quality teaching and excellence research program. McGill University continually ranks among the greatest law schools in the world.
McGill ranked #2 among Canada best universities, and ranked #43 in World best university. Over 1,600 Quality faculty members teaching in more than 400 graduate programs. University is competing directly with the University of Toronto. Admission at McGill University’s Faculty of Law is very competitive.
As one of the world’s great university, Students at McGill University’s Faculty of Law can expect a high quality of life. Located at the historic and most beautiful city Montreal, where the cost of living is also cheap. It is also one of the most selective law university in Canada. If you really wish to study Law in Canada, choose the McGill where the facilities are world class and the education is superb.
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University of British Columbia

A. Allard School of law, 5 Best Law Schools in Canada

Tuition Fee: $12,639.36 (Check: Complete Fee Structure
Median LSAT: 166 (93rd percentile)
Median GPA: 3.85/4.0
Benefits: The great benefit is the quality of life, Beautiful and modern campus, situated in one of the most beautiful city of Canada. The law school offers many scholarships and awards for deserving students. (Check: Allard School of Law Scholarships)
The Peter A. Allard School is the law school of the University of British Columbia. The law school was named the Peter A. Allard School of Law in 2015. University is considered to be one of the top 3 universities in Canada. The law school's Allard Hall creates an inspirational research and learning place for students and faculty staff.
University of British Columbia currently ranked #3 in Canada best university 2020, and ranked #34 World University Ranking. Just because the faculty members are leaders and experts in their fields.
Allard School of Law educated leaders in both the community and the profession. The Law school also have one of the biggest library in Canada. If you really in search of modern law school in Canada, The Allard School of Law is one of the Best Law Schools in Canada.

York University - Osgoode Hall Law School

Osgoode Hall Law School , Top Best Law Schools in Canada

Tuition Fee: $25,866 (Check: Complete Fee Structure
Median LSAT: 160 (80 percentile)
Median GPA: 3.85/4.0
Benefits: Osgoode is the fantastic place to study, which will prepare you for a successful career in the field of law. Food options are excellent in the campus. Law School also offers lots of scholarships, awards and prizes for great and deserving. (Check: Osgoode Hall Law School Scholarships).
The school was originally founded by the Law Society of Upper Canada, situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Osgoode Law School has an excellent level of education, and one of the largest law schools in Canada. Osgoode has an internationally well-known full-time talented faculty members.
York University is currently ranked #16 in Canada Best University. Osgoode Law School is well-known for its leading role in the areas of legal or constitutional law and Human Rights, where professionals such as Patrick J. Monahan and Peter Hogg have taken turns as dean of the Law School.
Osgoode Hall Law School is one of the top law schools in Canada, and it will open doors for you wherever you go in the future. The School has some important research centers and also home to one of the largest library in Canada.

University of Alberta

University of Alberta, Cheap Best Law Schools in Canada 2021 / Best Law Schools in Canada 2021

Tuition Fee: $13,866 (Check: Complete Fee Structure
Median LSAT: 161
Median GPA: 3.75/4.0                                                      
Benefits: Top level facilities for students in U of AThe University is blessed with friendly atmosphere, everyone in the school is friendly and will help you. Law School offers financial resources to students, in the form of bursaries, many scholarships and prizes for both domestic and international students. (Check: University of Alberta Faculty of Law Scholarships).
Situated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the University Of Alberta Faculty Of Law is the law school of the University of Alberta, and the third oldest law school in Canada. It has consistently been known as an incomparable Canadian law school. Law school aims to provide new knowledge to their domestic and international students through quality teaching and research.
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University of Alberta is currently the 6th best University in Canada according to Canada University Rank 2021, just because of quality education they are providing to students in the study of law and other fields.
The quality of life is amazing, situated in the heart of the city of Edmonton, the campus is really beautiful, with buildings from the early 1900's. If you wish to study law in Canada, University of Alberta will be the best choice.
That's all, with the feedback of students and graduates we have provided above 5 top law schools. These are little bit expensive but there are some benefits also in the form of many Scholarships and awards
There is high competition to get into Best Law Schools in Canada 2021. Individuals will need to prove themselves as a worthy choice. Choose the law school where you are more comfortable.

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