Indian Passport Renewal in Canada 2021 Complete Guide

Indian passport renewal in canada application form; bls indian passport renewal in Canada

Are you really confused about how to renew Indian passport in Canada? Don’t worry you found the right page. We found that most of the Indians people are little bit confusing on BLS website.

In this article we will guide you completely about Indian passport renewal in Canada which includes Document Required, Fees, and Applying Process etc.

Indian Passport Renewal in Canada Application Form Online

We are starting with Registration steps for Indian Passport Renewal.
Step 1: For Registration Visit and click on Registration (check image below for help).

indian passport renewal time in canada; bls india canada

Step 2: Fill the Online Registration form by providing your detail (Sample given below) and then click on “Register” at the end of the form.

indian passport renewal fee; Documents for indian passport renewal

Step 3: After Successfully Register, You are now ready to Login, the next step is to “click on the login”, provide your login id and password for Login.

indian passport renewal in Canada cost, Indian passport re issue canada

Step 4: After Successfully login , New window will be appear , you need to choose the very first option “Apply for Ordinary Passport” , this is for Indian Passport renewal in Canada.

Ordinary Passport Canada, Re-issue of indian passport in canada

Step 5: After Choosing “Apply for Ordinary Passport”, you will be required to fill Application Form for Ordinary Passport, where you need to select your passport type, mark it as in the image below, but in Reissue Reason choose your own reason, so after you marked all the fields successfully, click on the “Next Button”.

Indian Passport expired more than 3 years ago; Indian passport damaged in Canada

Step 6: After this, An Applicant need to fill the rest of the application form, so make sure you fill everything correct in the remaining part of the application.

Family Detail: While filling rest of the application form, you will be required to enter your family detail, remember that this detail should be exactly same as on your Passport.

Address Detail: Please note that If applicant is filling Indian address in ‘Address to be printed’ field, current Canadian address should be entered in ‘Other Address’ field and vice versa.

Emergency Contact Detail: Remember that, your emergency contact detail should be other than your. You can give the contact number where you are working or any other which is easily accessible.

File Number: In the field of Indian Passport file number, enter the file number that is on your existing passport last pages.

After you successfully fill the application form, this will generate the Web File Number and PDF file. Applicant should take a print out of the PDF file generate after filling the application.

Please check all the details before validating and printing the form as after submission online, no changes can be made. Ensure that all data entered matches with your current passport.

Signatures on Application form:

  • Sign at first and last page of application form and also paste the photograph.
  • Minor Applicant (Below 18 Years) need to sign at first page (below the picture).If a minor cannot sign, using only black ink, apply left thumb impression for boys and right for girls.
  • Both parents must sign last page of application. (Parents’ signatures should match with their signatures on their passports).

Photograph Detail for Application form

Note: The photo requirements are very strict. Please follow the following instructions:
  • The photograph should be in color and of the size of 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm).
  • Head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons.
  • The background should be a plain white or off-white.
  • It should have full face, front view, eyes open.
  • Photo should present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin.

BLS Application Center in Canada

An Application Form cannot be submitted at the Visa Application Centre on an applicant's behalf. It is recommended that you post/courier your application, as this will save your travel to and queuing time at the Centre.

Courier Services for submitting application form in Canada: Click here

Indian BLS Application Centre Canada; Indian Passport renewal Processing time in Canada

Checklist for Indian Passport Renewal in Canada

Other Documents that are required to submit. You (Applicant) are required to fill and sign each application that you submit.

Checklist for Toronto: Download Now
Checklist for Vancouver: Download Now
Checklist for Ottawa: Download Now

What are the Documents Required for Indian Passport Renewal in Canada?

Arrange and setup the Documents that need to be ready. There are some important Documents Required that you need to submit, Keep in mind that all the copies provided should be self-attested by the applicant, Parents should attest in case of Minor’s documents.

  • Annexure E needs to be filled and signed by the applicant: Download Annexure E
  • Indian passport Original and Photocopies
  • Proof of status in Canada and for this Valid Permanent Resident Card or Work Permit or Study permit (Original and Photocopies/Notary Attested copies)
  • Landing Paper (Original and Photocopy/Notary Attested copy)
  • If on Study Permit: Student ID and Enrollment letter from the educational institution (Photocopies)
  • Proof of Address in Canada:
    {Original and photocopies/Notary Attested copies of Driver’s License/Provincial ID/Notice of Assessment OR Utility Bill (Original)/MSP Invoice (Original)}
    The latter two must be less than 6 months old)
  • If new Indian address is to be printed on the passport, notarized or original proof from India in addition to Canadian proof of address

In addition, some additional documents will required according to condition:

If Indian passport is lost or damaged

  • The fees of lost/damaged Indian passport is $255 (Consular fee) + $3 (ICWF) + $7.40 (BLS Service fee)
  • You need to fill and submit Annexure F: Download Annexure F
  • Copy of police report/Card with file number (in case of lost passport)
  • You should mention in police report if your Canada proof of status (Visa/ Permit/PR card) is lost.

If Indian Passport is expired for more than 1 year

If Indian Passport is expired for more than 3 year

  • You are required to submit Original Search letter.
  • Please Provide Evidence in affidavit and must explain reason for delay: Download affidavit.

In case If the Applicant is on Super Visa

  • Your Current passport and Status in Canada (Photocopy).
  • If former Indian National then last held cancelled Indian passport and Landing paper (Photocopy).
  • Keep in mind that No passport services are available to claimants of refugee status in Canada.
  • Proof of Address in Canada:
    {Original and photocopies/Notary Attested copies of Driver’s License/Provincial ID/Notice of Assessment OR Utility Bill (Original)/MSP Invoice (Original)}.

In case If the Applicant is on Visitor Visa

  • If the applicant is providing IRB letter (Canada Immigration & refugee board clearance form) for stating no refugee claim has been made then Full validity passport would be issued.
  • If no IRB letter (Canada Immigration & refugee board clearance form) is attached then Short validity passport of one year would be issued.
  • No address proof is required if you are on visitor visa.
  • Keep in mind address to be printed on passport would be either same as per passport or address in India (proof required).
  • In online application for passport please fill Canadian address as other address.

If PR (Permanent Resident) card has expired

  • Provide expired PR Card photo copy.
  • PR Card renewal receipt.
  • Landing Paper (Original and copy/Notary Attested copy).

If you want to Add or Remove Name of Spouse in Indian Passport

  • For Addition: Provide Marriage Certificate (Photocopy) and Spouse’s Current passport (Photocopies).
  • For Deletion: Provide Divorce certificate (Photocopy).

If Applicant is below 18 years (Minor Applicant)

  • Provide Indian passport (Original and Photocopies).
  • Landing Paper (Original and photocopy/Notary Attested Photocopy).
  • Status of Minor in Canada: PR Card, Study permit, Visitor permit (Original and Photocopies/Notary Attested copies).

Additional Documents of both parents to include:

  • Provide Indian Passports (Self Attested Photocopies).
  • Proof of Address in Canada
    {Original and photocopies/Notary Attested copies of Driver’s License/Provincial ID/Notice of Assessment OR Utility Bill(Original)/MSP Invoice(Original) } .The latter two must be less than 6 months old).
  • Proof of status in Canada: Valid PR Card or Work Permit or Study permit (Self Attested Photocopies).
  • Landing paper (Self Attested Photocopies).
  • Canadian/Foreign passports if any along with Last held cancelled Indian passport (Self Attested Photocopies).
  • If both parents are applying for the minor, Annexure D needs to filled and signed by both the parents: Download Annexure D.
  • If single parent is applying for the minor, Annexure C (In addition to Annexure D) needs to be filled and signed by the parent: Download Annexure C.

If parents are divorced:

  • Divorce Certificate issued by the Court.
  • Government Order Granting Sole Custody.

How much does it cost to renew Indian passport in Canada?

  • The fee for re-issue of passport is CAD$ 110.40 containing 36 pages - validity 10 years.
  • The fee for re-issue of passport for minors below 18 years of age is CAD$ 77.40 containing 36 pages.

While Submitting Fee keep in mind the following:

  • Fees / processing charge are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • You are required to provide Postal order only in favor of BLS International Services Canada Inc., which includes Passport fee (CAD$ 100 for adults) (CAD$ 67 for minors) + consular surcharge (CAD$ 3 for both adults and minors) + BLS Service charges (CAD$ 7.40 both for adults and minors) + Return courier fees which is $20, to send back your processed application.
  • Keep in mind that do not enclose any cash in your postal application envelope. BLS will not be responsible for the loss of cash or the postal orders.
  • Postal applications can be sent only to the Ottawa, Brampton and Vancouver application Service Centers.

How long does Indian passport renewal take in Canada?

According to BLS:
  • If your Passport is issued from Ottawa, the processing time is approximately 2 months.
  • If your Passport is issued from Toronto, minimum processing time is 15 working days.   
  • If your passport is issued by CGI Vancouver, minimum processing time is 2-4 working weeks.
  • If your passport is Issued in India or other Mission minimum processing time is 2 Months.

That’s it, we hope you understand this article quite well, if you still have any question regarding Indian Passport Renewal in Canada, ask us in comment below. Thanks

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