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Montreal is one of the largest French-speaking city in the world and also the largest city in Canada's Quebec province.Thousands of People every year visiting Montreal to enjoy their time.When you are travelling to Montreal, at some point you will need to take a Taxi Montreal. Sometimes it can be the cheapest way to get to your destination, or sometime the most convenient.This article is all about guiding you to choose best Taxi Montreal Company for ride.
In order to take taxis safely , make sure that you follow these tips:
  • There might be unregistered cabs in Montreal and they may be even offer you a ride for cheaper – as they are not from official company they may not following the rules.Always get a taxi from the official taxi rank.Ask the local about which taxis are official.
  • If you can, ask someone in advance about the fare if there is no meter, you can ask a local or the concierge at your hotel how much the taxi ride should cost.
  • Be wary of your luggage,but Be careful when you are putting your luggage in the back of a taxi. Keep your bag in the back seat with you if possible.

Top Taxi Montreal Companies 2021

Atlas Taxi:Atlas Taxi - Generally pleasant and friendly drivers work at Atlas, Atlas Taxi has succeeded in distinguishing itself in Montreal, particularly in the west end of the city, their dispatching response is fast, with a taxi arriving in usually five to ten minutes if not less.
Fare of Atlas Taxi Montreal:
Start =$3.45
+ $1.70 / Km
+ $0.63 / Min Waiting
Per Hour $40.00

Atlas Taxi Reviews

Review 1: I had such a wonderful driver from Atlas last night. Really worth Yelping he was such a love. I was at a friend's in NDG and needed to get to Dorval, she suggested Atlas and the car was outside in 3 minutes. The driver took the time to plug in my address and chat about the suggested routes. He drove safely while we chatted, the car was clean and in perfect shape. Totally recommended for downtown or west end!
Review 2: Atlas was my cab of choice before I started driving. I recently required a taxi service and immediately called them. The woman on the phone was curt and rude and even hung up on me in the midst of me asking how long it would take. I called back, informed her that she hung up on me, and asked my question. Surprisingly, I received no acknowledgement or apology for the rude treatment.
With that said, the drivers are always sweethearts and their cars are always clean. Fortunately, this time was no different and I had a wonderful experience.
Atlas is still my taxi company of choice because the drivers are amazing. Hopefully, the next time I call the phone operator will be more courteous.
Review 3:The cabs and the drivers are great but the call operators are some of the rudest people I have ever encountered in my life. Seriously need to work on this 
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Taxi Champlain: Taxi Champlain provides passenger service 24 hrs a day on the Island of Montreal which Travel safer, faster and comfortably.Taxi Champlain is the best taxi service in Montreal. With an impressive fleet and skilled drivers trained to perfection
Fare of Taxi Champlain:
$ 3,50
Base Rate / Starting cost

$ 1,75
Per Kilometer / For the distance traveled

$ 0,65
Per Minute / For the time waiting

Taxi Champlain Reviews 

Review 1: "I wanted a Cab to pick me up at 5 AM so I called the night before, not only they were able to tell me a good price estimation (ride inside the city), The cab arrived at 4:58 AM and it cost me pretty much what they said (even 2$ less :) ) So punctual reliable service I found my Taxi company !!!"
Review 2: "Have called many times. Professional service, reliable drivers who arrived quickly,usually within a few minutes."
Review 3: "Taxi Champlain is my favorite taxi company ever! Cool drivers, amazing cars, top notch services!" 
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UBER:  Uber is one of the best Taxi service not in Montreal but all over the world. Uber is undoubtedly one of the most widespread ride-sharing services. Uber is available in 58 countries and more than 260 US cities. 

Uber Taxi Reviews

Review 1: "Uber in Canada, with a strong US dollar compared to a weaker Canadian dollar makes for some inexpensive rides. I did quite a few, since it was way faster than taking the shuttle from the hotel back to the airport and then the bus from the airport to downtown. Quicker, more comfortable and really not that much more expensive.
All of my drivers were great and even if they didn't speak perfect English, they spoke great English. Some interesting and fun conversations about Montreal and travel.
And for Pierre, who was paying amazing attention when a white Lexus decided he needed to be where we were driving, thanks!"

Review 2:"Very pleased with most of the cars and service we received during our recent trip. Not a fan of the price range that is displayed when ordering a car, as opposed to a flat quote as in the States. GPS/directions could use some work as they were off by a block or more for drop-off points". 

 Review: "I've used Uber lots of times and I have nothing bad to say about it at all.The price is right, the service is wonderful.I just went to the pro-Uber rally here in Montreal 2 days ago - Uber picked me up and took me home (no charge either way).They really show love to their customers.I'll walk rather than take a taxi - Uber is wonderful!"

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What we Suggest for Taxi Montreal?

All of the above taxi services in Montreal are really good because they are generally clean, the drivers courteous, and response time is fast.But, we suggest to go with Uber, Uber makes life easier, and it just makes you look cooler than everyone else, feels like you have your own chauffeur even though it's just a regular taxi.

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